curriculum vitae

Dimitris Halatsis was born in Karditsa, Greece, in 1969. From 1995 until 1997 he attended the Nuess Düsseldorf School of Painting, Sculpture and Theatre (Kulturforum Alte Post) in Germany. From 1997 to 2002 he studied Painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2002-2003 he completed his MFA (Meisterschüler) at the same Academy. From 2001 to 2003 he collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art Badischer Kunst Verein Karlsruhe, while in 2001, together with a number of other artists, he founded an artists’ gallery in Karlsruhe (Poly Produzedengalery) which still operates as a collective.

In 2003 and in 2006 he earned scholarships from the Academy of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe (Graduierten Stipendium des Lades Baden Württenberg; Debütanten Stipendium der Kunst Akademie Karlsruhe).

In Athens, he was a member of the “Reconstruction Community” art group and is a founding member of the Libby Sacer Foundation.

He has curated and organized eight contemporary art exhibitions in Greece and abroad. As an artist, he has had seven solo exhibitions (Cheap Art Gallery in Athens; Marquise Dance Hall Gallery in Istanbul; Elaboratorium, Kunst Academie Karlsruhe and Crista Fulbier projektraum in Karlsruhe; projektraum Kastanienalle in Berlin, Praxitelous 33 in Athens). He has also participated in forty group exhibitions in different spaces in Greece and abroad. He currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.




“NICE! An exhibition and a book”, Nice, Athens (G)

“Joy» Back to Athens/4, Athens (G), (C)

“POWERFOOL” Flat 1, Vienna, Austria (G)

“Art, Nature and Anthropocene Age” Conference RE-culture 4, Patras


“Powerfool”. ARTWALL art space, Athens (G)

“12 artistic decibels”, Booze Cooperativa, Athens (G)

“1095 Art Days”, ArtWall art space, Athens (G)

‘Accursed share’ curated by V. Theodoropoulou, Praxitelous 33, Athens (S)

“The Bankorgs” Performance Dinners No.8, Bios, Athens (G)


“Trust”. Cheap Art Gallery, Libby Sacer Foundation, Athens (G) (C)

“Ghosts”. Cheap Art Gallery, Libby Sacer Foundation, Athens(G) (C)

“Body & Politics”. Embros Theater, Athens(G)


“Boiling Point”. CAMP Gallery, Athens (G)

Queer Festival. Embros Theater, Athens (G)

Lustlands. Thermissia Argolidas, Peloponnese, Greece (G)


“Justice is Mine”. CAMP Gallery, Athens (G)

“The Mind is a Dog”. Cheap Art Gallery, Athens (G)

“Boiling Point”. Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria (G)


Keratea Art Resistance Festival. Keratea, Greece (G)

“Purchased”. “Fetich” Performance. Cheap Art Gallery, Athens. Co-curated with Gelly Grintaki. (G) (C)

Resistance & Creation Festival. Elliniko, Athens (G)


“Contra Natura”. Marquise Dance Hall, Instanbul (S)

“Memo”. Municipal Museum of Molivos, Lesvos, Greece (G)

“Which side are you on?” Fine Arts School, Athens (G)


“Entombment”. Performance. PassTRESpass, Kipseli Municipal Market, Athens (G)

“Indire(ct) Democracy”. Fine Arts School, Athens (G)

12 New Artists (III). Cultural Center “Melina”, Athens (G)


“Nothing”. Cheap Art Gallery, Athens (S)

Which Way to Utopia?” Kipseli Municipal Market, Athens. Co-curated with Katerina Nasioka. (G) (C)

“The Confused Penguin Manifesto”. Performance. Eretria, Greece (G)

“Meal”. Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland (G)

“Forbidden”. Fine Arts School, Athens (G)


“The Pineapple, the Doughnut – Cooked Rawness”. Kipseli Municipal Market, Athens (G)

“The City Gaze”. Kipseli Municipal Market, Athens (C)

“artMart”. Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria (G)

Finish”. Autohaus tschernitz, Karlsruhe, Germany (G)

“Farewell”. Theater Performance. Kipseli Municipal Market, Athens (G)

“Trauma Queen”. Mediterranean Hotel, Athens (G)


“Mass & Resistance”. Interprojekte, Berlin, Germany (G)

Für den Frieden auf Kaufkasus geklettert”. Elaboratorium, Karlsruhe, Germany (S)

Debütanten Ausstellung, Kunst Akademie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany (S)

4th European Social Forum, former airport of Hellinikon, Athens(G) (C)

“Wo(+)Man”. Cheap Art Gallery, Athens (G)

“One Minute”. Performance. Alba Gallery, Athens (G)

Art and Politics”. Panel discussion, organised by Halatsis,D. & Cheapart. Cheapart, Athens.Speakers: Vitali,D.   Iliakis,M.  Marmaras,E.  Sapounas,G.


“White Cube | Black Box”. Cheap Art Gallery, Athens (G)

“Propaganda”. Project Raum Klauprechtstr, Karlsruhe, Germany (S)

“Schlafanstalt”. Projekt Raum Kastanienalle, Berlin, Germany (S)

“The main name”. Panel discussion, organised by Halatsis,D. & Cheapart. Cheapart, Athens.Speakers: Daskalothanasis,N.   Kontosfyris,H.   Stathopoulos,T.   Sotiris,P.


Top 03″. Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden, Baden, Germany (G)


“Fassade”. Poly Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany (G) (C)

“Kunst demo”. Performace. Karlsruhe, Germany (G)

Polytik”. Poly Galley, Karlsruhe, Germany (G) (C)

“Polyphon”. Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany (G)


Solo Exhibition


Group Exhibition


Curating / co-Curating