The confused penguin’s manifesto

Let’s give different names to flowers. Let’s abolish the words we do not know or understand the meaning and existence of. Let’s stop organizing our panic. Let’s abolish fake revolts and let’s discover the real ones. Let’s soak in daydreaming. Let’s lick the armpits of the baboons before we reconcile with them for good. Let’s follow the traces of the confused penguins. Let’s sleep with the bears in our arms before we abolish borders. Let’s keep a century of silence for the victims to be. Let’s give laughter the ability to carry a gun. Let’s eat together the wings of the seagulls, which will be delivered to us by the seagulls themselves to the address we’ll give them. Let’s disturb out “happy moments”. Let’s lock up in non-existing prisons the pillows of the virgin (women). Let’s stop mourning as a precaution. Let’s built roads of tears for those who never met. Let’s hang discipline upside down. Let’s phone the heroes and the saints and announce to them that they’ve been fired. Let’s give as many Judas’s kisses as we can (as packages for home consumption too). Let’s pee as groups, collectively, on the face of our beloved nation. Let’s get wounded in the battles of lust. Let’s fry the moments of those opposing the revolution. Let’s sleep next to the trunks of the sounds of the sea. Let’s escape from the zoos of the wretched middle-class bell towers. ‘What did you say?” we’ll ask the Mongol pirates as they’ll be tickling our palms. Freedom to the freedom of our own and of the others. Let’s resist to the loneliness of class love. Let’s close the bosses’ schools right away. Let’s scare death. Let’s dive in the waves of memory. Let’s set, together with the stars, the shells, the crones, the okras, the moles, the Chinese coalminers, a crazy feast till the morning of the revolution.